dont know what life stores for me ahead but in this past few weeks were the most depressing. i cant really hold my head up. my eyes would get teary every chance they had whenever i was alone. i guess i'm still good at hiding my inner self in front of others. ticking clock, raindrops, sounds of waves hitting the shore were my only friends.

what's in my head actually? what does my heart whisper all this time? why does it hurt so much in here? where are you? what are you?

i wish you'll never can penetrate my dream. sleep is the only way i am able to escape who-what-ever-you-are.

happy belated birthday, intan. i'm sorry you had to face all this in your supposed to be 0nce-a-year-happy-day.


  1. hey there, kak intan.

    happy bday.

    Keep calm, on to next review. haha

    1. Selamat hari lahir jugak

    2. thankyou haniff and shafiq. trying to keep calm is harder than to review pt =(

      btw shafiq, barakallahulakuma wa baraka 3laikuma jama3a bainakuma fil 5er =)


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