you III

trying hard to find meanings in my lifeless life. almost a week i started my paeds posting in SCN. dealing with those cute litte things of hours of life, or day 1 or 2 of life. mostly came with NNJ or resolved TTN or asymptomatic hypoglycemia. but honestly, everyday is a busy day. only find enough time to sneak out for prayers. dont even dream for a snack, or a drink.

but those cute little things. how wonderful to be you. even if you fart, even if you poop meconium stool, or even if you cry endlessly, everyone just adore you. how wonderful to be you, free of sins.

not sure what am i babbling about. trying hard to study for my NRP exam but feels like writing. so here i am, talking rubbish. maybe i just miss your writings. i just miss reading those single words that always strike hard, straight to my heart. and somehow give me strength.

or maybe, i just miss you.

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