single mothers

in o&g department, you encounter this more often. previously when i was in paeds, it's heartbroken when you admitted babies of UM. every single day, there's would always be at least a case. and the baby would be in scn longer than other babies even if she/he was well. because of the JKSP/ JKM issues need to be settled.

in o&g department, i actually encountered this more often. the youngest i encountered was a 15yo girl. the oldest was 40++ yo. and for sure she was para ++, not even primid. alleged rape cases, PMC's, UM's. i just cant imagine the fate of babies i conducted. i can only pray that those innocents would grow up just fine, and would be protected by Him.

one day, i heard this song at Pulau Perhentian. i was a fire show and this song attracted me so much. i was not so clear by then, but when i searched the full song, i really fell in love with it. and the thought suddenly came across me.

however, through whatever it was, once you are a mother, you'll always have this kind of feeling. differences. love, for a newborn. for the child you carried for months.

i just hope that Allah will lend you (single mothers) His strength, forgive your sins, accept your repentences and ease you and your child.

*i'm just not sure what i'm writing nonsense but hey, salam ramadhan~

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