que sera, sera

it was a sunrise date, where i decided to put all other things aside and came up with a decision. let alone it flows into where it flows. let alone it goes into where ever it goes.

it was that day, i happened to read it. it was a mixed of feelings. some of it made me amazed, at how we have those similarities. some made me wonder, if the differences between us is complementary, or actually a point for a later disaster.

some of it made me laughing at that very unexpected answers. i might be thinking that you are a freak, but later on realise if that so, i'm just as a freak as you. some of it made me wonder, if i could ever cope with another betrayal.

of anything, it was a soothing day. what ever bound to happen, will happen. i hope this is not the last time i could enjoy drowning in my thought at a beach.

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