healings III.

let light and love flow through you
when you are still. and silent
then you'll understand

dont hold onto anything too long
that's how all things rot
they were held in one place too long

keep your eyes forward. ahead
never back
face the direction you walk

run, if you can
if you cant, crawl
but keep moving

never hold onto anything too long
learn that love comes like the tide
strong, but silent sometimes
you cant always direct it
but if it directs you, follow
there are lessons along the way
and growth

let your quest for the sun inspire you
to let go of where you thought you needed to be
and go where you're being directed

because there's a plan larger than you
and larger than me
it doesnt end at the end of the ocean
or at the tip of the sea
it ends beyond

beyond you or me
or laughter or tears
beyond loss or gain
or falls or rise
there's something larger

a greater plan that's carrying you
carrying you beyond your grief
beyond your pain
 beyond your fear of loss
beyond everything you've ever known

there is a greater plan that's carrying you, 
dear love
it's carrying you back home
so follow it
only the ones who resist from fear of getting wet -only they will drown

but you and me
we were meant to rise and ride the sea and fly

follow where it calls
go where it flows
only the ones who resist will drown


too beautiful to be kept alone.

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