cerebral palsy~

my first encounter of a CP patient. 4 years old, male. as usual, i started by greeting him, before taking history from his mother. she complained of constipation, where half of the history taking, we followed the flow with a doctor who suddenly came to take the chief complaint.

the rest was more to a chat, i guess. we were then thinking of taking the opportunity to try CNS examination on him. briefly done, actually. i was more interested to interact with him.

mashaaAllah, he understood what we said. despite of his difficulty to move and to communicate. playfully protruding my tongue for him to immitate (to check on CN 12), it gave me such a different feeling when he laughed. yes, he laughed and with difficulty he reached out his hand and touched my cheek. several times. and i just allowed him to do that. instead, i'm more than glad.

kids like him are, really are special. i realized it when his touch is still lingering on my cheek.

Allahu yu5alleeh~


my last round in KAUH, alhamdulillah. great ending i guess, when i was given the opportunity to feed the newborns, take history from the tired mother and watch how the babies are cleaned right after they are taken out from the womb (C-section delivery).

mashaaAllah for the strong will they posses to gain the first breath. and to give the first cry~


  1. blog ni dah macam lab report. menarik.

    1. amboi. lab report terus. kalau medical file boleh tahan lagi.

      yela2. =.="


(B)aja terbaik adalah yang berhikmah~


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