lalu kulihat...
pepohon saksi...
sepanjang jalan...


i have sat for hours at my windows, inhaling the sweetness of the garden and musing on the chequered fortunes of those whose history is dimly shadowed out in the elegent memorials around.

sometimes i have issued forth at midnights, when everything was quiet, and have wandered over the whole building.

who can do justice to a moonlight night in such a climate and in such a place!

the temperature of an Andalusian midnight in summer is perfectly ethereal. we seem lifted up into a purer atmosphere; there is a serenity of soul, a buoyancy of spirits, an elasticity of frame that render mere existance enjoyment.

the effect of moonlight, too, on the Alhambra, has something like enchantment.

Tales of the Alhambra
by Washington Irving

Granada, I'm falling under your spell,
And if you could speak, what a fascinating tale you would tell.
Of an age the world has long forgotten.
Of an age that weaves a silent magic in Granada today.

The dawn in the sky greets the day with a sigh for Granada,
For she can remember the splendor that once was Granada.
It still can be found in the hills all around as I wander along.
Entranced by the beauty before me,
Entranced by a land full of sunshine and flowers and song.

And when day is done and the sun starts to set in Granada,
I envy the blush of the snow-clad Sierra Nevada.
For soon it will welcome the stars while a thousand guitars,
Play a soft habanera.

Then moonlit Granada will live again the glory of yesterday,
Romantic and gay.

asyik pandang music box yang kaku terkunci. rasa nak korek je baldu merah tu, tengok apa yang tak kena dengan key. macam mana la tiba-tiba boleh stuck. aisy~

ijat, tolong belikan music box granada untuk akak! >.<

menjadi saksi...
megah islam...
sepanjang zaman...


  1. Anonymous6/1/12 13:29

    antara cerita menarik dalam buku washington irving tu,

    1. perbualan prince Ahmad dengan burung2.
    'I know nothing of love'

    2. zayda, zorayda, zorahayda.

    kali ni cadang jugak nak pergi malam. =)

    1. yup~

      antara yang menarik. absolutely~

      sudah selamat bukan? but i guess kali ni tiada purnama yang mengiringi~

  2. ok. x abes baca lg buku tu.. keh3~

    hmm.. org atas, kirim salam lah kt sume2 org yg kita pernah jumpa ari tu. klu jumpa lg!

    sume nk pi cuti kannn.. jeles ok jeles. mnjd pnunggu irbed yg setia ulang alik hospital.

    1. kihkih~

      tumpang gelak~ =p


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