another rainy day~

dingin itu...
bukan sekadar dingin, kawan..
dingin itu...

jalan ke masjid umawiy, syria~

colosseum, rome~

bukan Ro, belakang rumah~

 blok c, DarulQuran~

 this one can be counted as rain too, right?
kayseri, turkey~

it is
another rainy day
when the droplets strike hard
and the ground gets wet
and the weather's too cold
makes one put a blanket

it is
another rainy day
when the car passes by
and the water splashes on me
yet i keep my smile
as it's a new day
to start a new journey

it is
another rainy day
with the wind gets through
and the cat's out to play
the trees are talking too
they say what they usually say

beautiful, isnt it?

and i come across
when the clouds get dark
and the rain starts to fall
why dont we just think
it's just another day
that we shall enjoy?

12 april 2011
another wet irbid

it's just beautiful~
aya sophia, istanbul~

nota kaki 1: just a trial. tak tahu la jadi ke tak. jeles ngan Rai yang pandai buat english poem. hohoo~ err..cane rai? lulus ke tak poem(?) ni? ^^

nota kaki 2: it's now almost in the end of winter. and the beginning of spring(?). hah. but i do hope this is not the last rainy day~

nota kaki 3: i'm counting days~! ^__^

dan angin itu...
bukan sekadar angin, kawan...
angin itu...


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