how life works.

how life works.
when somehow somewhat, fear would always seek opportunity to embrace us causing anxiety, of the unsure unseen future.

how life works.
when somehow somewhat, words from the stranger who he put his trust most, break his heart into pieces. not that he wants to but it's a bitter truth that he too knows, he has to encounter.


i remembered a 54 years old man in urology clinic. invasive bladder tumor. no treatment but to resect out his whole bladder and do urine diversion to the abdominal wall, for the urine to flow. permanently.

that news when was told. that gaze. that fear. that lips neither can utter a word nor crack a smile. that hope he has when he asked, if there's any other option of treatment. and that disappointment.

no tears seen but i'm sure his heart bleeds to death.

and my heart scars.

how life works.

psst: i guess i miss being in hospitals and meet patients >.<

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