hujan bulan mei II~

this past few weeks, my heart was beating wild. unknowingly. i felt it thumping against my chest wall. consciously. sometimes i heard it drumming in the middle of the night, competing in loudness with the ticking clock. sometimes it was getting crazier when certain things happened. but never it ceased.

yesterday might be the limit. it finally exploded. and i'm bleeding to death. internally.

and today's bright dawn, ended with another mid-May rain. soothing my broken-into-pieces heart. or might as well resembling my yesterday. imitating my heavy drops of tears.

and there you stood. whispering with care from a distance. driving me to turn around. but this time i didnt sigh,

"tawakkul is having full faith, that Allah will take care of you even when things look impossible."

and again our gaze met.

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