They said kids are adorable. Yes they are and always be.

Especially when you miss them like crazy and your family keep sending you photos and videos of their vacations and stuff. And you realise how fast they are growing and yet you yourself still feel like a kid.

It's just one day you felt like being slapped. When your eldest niece introduced you to her friend. "Itu mak sedara saya lah."

And you feel like, when does this "mak sedara" word actually exist? It feels completely AWKWARD. and it seems like the word thrusts its tongue to you and said,

" hey choding Intan! You are 22 into 23 and a mak sedara already to ELEVEN nieces and nephews! Stop being choding lah!"

And it seems time has frozen when you recalled you are the only one with that "piece-hand" sign in a group picture when others stood still maturedly. And no wonder your groupmates keep playing with you but treat the others like ladies.

And the most epic when one of your junior said, "oh, saya ingatkan akak junior tahun satu tadi."

And you cracked a smile unknowingly whether it's a sweet or bitter one.

Do I just realise now that I'm a fifth year medical student of age 22?

Better stop now, intan. And be a lady~ =O =O

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