growing old~

Among the sweetest thing I encountered throughout my journey is how they never live a day without expressing their love to the loved ones.

Maybe some of them are "over expressing" it but when it comes to the old couples that I met, I thought how wonderful it is to have someone to grow old together.

Love is not the feeling when only you want to have them but it is about how you want to live your life with them.

and the other thing that touched my heart the most is how mostly the fathers are always be the one who entertain their kids. Playing, advising, strolling and walking.

they are not the ones who the mothers use to scare their kids but they are the ones who are loved by the kids and respected when they grow up.

how I wish I'll meet someone who wants to grow old together and he'll be the one that is loved and respected by our children.

eceh. =.=

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