The last travel~

I hope for a memorable travel since this would be the last. I was just thinking back then, hoping without planning.

But when my Arabic travelmate lost her passport on the FIRST day in Germany that resulted us to not be able to go to Denmark where we should have been afterward, losing our money on booked hostel, met a warm uncle who helped us throughout the procedures and even arranged us a 2 night stays at his very house, meeting his very wife and son, touring around his home city for free, I've known this since then.

That this is the way He granted my wish.

What is more precious than staying in a local's home, playing their traditional games, eating their cookings and practically learning their cultures directly to the feeling of welcomed like in your own home?

This warm family, I shall never forget. Thanks for making my last memorable enough~ ♥



(B)aja terbaik adalah yang berhikmah~


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