a nothing that's something~

i only knew that the nothing is something when i was in my 7th day of travelling.
only then i realized, that's no such thing as nothing. always, there's something~


alhamdulillah 3ala kulli hal wa ni3mah. selamat sampai semalam. ini travel pertama saya lupa bawa buku nota dan pen mungkin sebab rushing lepas exam OSCE, petang tu terus flight. so i bought them in london. and this is my first travel that i brought it home, unwritten~

tapi saya rasa travel kali ni paling unik. unik dari segi ia mengajar saya, dan saya belajar darinya. alhamdulillah~

after all, apart of getting many friends, i also made 3 foreign friends. i learnt to learn alone. i learnt that having travelmates that seeked what you hoped to seek during traveling is important. i learnt that, differences in people are made to be cherished~

the most important is that i learnt,
there's no such thing as nothing. always, there's something~

 nota kaki: really want to make posts on this travel. insyaAllah if Internal Medicine doesnt attract me much. =p

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