miss January~

twenty-two at the moment, teaches me.
losing something doesnt make you a loser,
it forces you to be stronger~

thanx Allah for this unique way You teaches me about life.
and for not leaving me when everyone else does.
 and for the beautiful people who keep walking into my life~

may the previous 21 years of living,
were blessed, forgiven and under your constant love~


i dont think i'll make a next time so this is just a quick touch for you who miss my double R.
bigger, healthier and naughtier ever~


 Mr. Rud yang handsome~ <3 p="p">


psst: i'm surviving my Surgery rotation. aih. do pray for me, i just miss my Paediatrics rotation~ =/

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous20/1/13 00:00

    Hepi besday Intan.. Kullu am wa antum bikher... R semakin comel dan besar! Hehe


(B)aja terbaik adalah yang berhikmah~


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