fuhh. rasanya ni la tempoh paling lama saya tak menulis 'tanpa sedar'. it's like time does fly compared to crawls and creeps i felt before. sekurangnya kalau sebelum ni saya lama tak menulis, memang saya sedar, yang saya lama 'tak menulis'. atau memang saya 'menahan' diri saya dari menulis.

alhamdulillah, setel rotation pertama, the most favourite, beloved paediatrics rotation. y5alla9 3ala 5er, enshaAllah. seriously gonna miss the little, cute, innocent, adorable kids with beautiful eyes. crying, peeing, sulking, smiling, laughing even stooling in the middle of history taking or physical examination.

gonna miss the first funny OSCE exam. i even startled every time he shouted "MOOVVEE!" while waiting for my turn. you can imagine how's EVERY TIME, right? =D

the best part was when i merely enjoyed the 4 stations, joking and bluffing around with the doctors. alhamdulillah, they were very nice and at least i FELT that i did better than mini OSCE. the rest i left it on His hands. may He ease and give the best.

and today was my first day of surgery rotation. i'm pretty sure that i will enjoy it as well. sebenarnya hari ni, something happened that make me revise my nameS. yup, i just realised that i have many nameSssS~ >.<

intan. cik in. intan umbrella. intan byduri. intan permata. adik. diamond. jauharah. intan-chan.

err. and mama Ro(?). haha

intan-chan is a new nickname. and from a new person, i can say. by the way, they are all given, you know~

nevertheless, today the doctor called me jauharah (of course due to hard pronunciation of my name. this occurs to me since my first year here) repetitively, which means he 'attacked' me with questions repetitively on the limit where i made a not-me-again face. and they were all laughing.

having fun, didnt they?

apa-apa pun, sebenarnya, each nickname i have, there's underlying story where (i could say) only i know. well, at least i guess, only i know~

but i like them. all of them. =))

why dont we shine bright like a diamond (intan)?
the real one~

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