the fairytale~

the future I walk what I talked in the past,
for the morning I hoped that forever will last,
it's just one day I came up with a blast,
that He hold my hand before I drifted fast.

          I wondered how could one has touched,
          heart of mine that I protected so much,
          I asked of Him to forgive my sin,
          for the negligence I did and yes it seemed.

I tried to wave the feeling goodbye,
and it was when he came passing by,
"what are you doing? don't try to deny,
come with me and I'll show you why."

          surprised I was when he walked in brave,
          where my parents were sitting in a home well-caved,
          "mom and dad, may I have this lass,
          to be my wife, till away I pass?"



this is merely a story of a lady,
who had a dream she felt it funny,
woke up soon and she smiled in grace,
little she knew this is the future she'll face!

oh, my! he's driving me crazy. saya pun tak faham, tengah baca lecture note boleh siap satu.

lousy and rusty sputum one.

sorry dad.
am I still the princess once you proud of,
as my english was top among the girls you once taught?


okay stop.
*slapping my cheek*

10h2, 47. please be my lucky seat.



  1. comel!

    tapi,kenapa ade sputum.yaay.

    kan,dah kena exam sindrom.baik-baik study,jangan conteng sana sini =P


    1. haha! >.<

      but still, ena. we both know what fairytale means, right? =/

      hehe. english akak ni ha yang berkarat macam rusty sputum. pneumococcal pneumonia infection. =p

      xm syndrome.....?

  2. Anonymous6/10/12 19:39

    hei hei.nak exam pun sempat lagi.. :p

    selamat esok.binnaja7!

    ijat comel.

    1. >.<

      doakan akak ijat. macam apa je tadi. ='(
      (padan muka)

      lots of love,
      akak comel (?)



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